Insurance and Protection

General Insurance

There are two types of insurance to cover your home:

Buildings insurance - covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home if it's damaged or destroyed. Everyone who has a mortgage should have this cover (though if you live in a flat, you might pay for it through the service/maintenance charges instead).

Contents insurance - covers the cost of repairing or replacing your possessions if they're damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen. You would normally need it if you could not otherwise afford to replace your possessions.


Personal Protection

There are various types of insurance that will pay off your mortgage or meet the monthly payments if something unexpected happens such as critical illness or death. Whether they are right for you depends on your personal circumstances. Some of these policies can be expensive, so you need to consider the cost compared to the risk of not having this insurance.


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Type of Insurance What is it for? Could it be right for you?
Critical illness cover Pays out a lump sum if you suffer a life-threatening illness, such as cancer or heart attack. Can be used to pay off the mortgage or for anything else.
  • Yes, if clearing the mortgage would be a top priority in case of serious illness.
  • Yes, if you have dependants and no other household income to repay the mortgage.
  • No, if you have enough funds available.
  • No, if you want to be covered for a wider range of health problems - consider income protection insurance instead.
  • No, if cover would not apply to you because of an existing illness.
Income protection On a monthly basis, this replaces a substantial part of your income if you are unable to work for a long period because of illness or disability (so it could be used in part to meet your mortgage payments. Continues to pay out until you recover, died, reach retirement or until the policy reaches it's end date, whichever is sooner.
  • Yes, if you can afford it and the cover clearly applies to you - for example, if you are in good health.
  • No, if you have other sources of income in the event of illness, for example if you have a policy through work/your employer.
  • No, if cover would not apply to you, which is possible if you have existing health problems or a dangerous job.
Life insurance/mortgage protection cover (term insurance) Pays off the mortgage loan if you die. Note that endowments automatically include life cover - you do not need a separate policy for any amount covered by the endowment policy to protect the mortgage.
  • Yes, if you have dependants.
  • Yes, if you share the mortgage costs with someone else (joint mortgage)
  • No, if you have no dependants and it is not a joint mortgage. (The lender will take possession of your house, sell it to get their money and the rest goes to your estate.)
  • No, if you have enough life cover already.

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI). Also called accident, sickness and unemployment insurance (ASU)

This Payment Protection Insurance is optional. There are other providers of Payment Protection Insurance and other products designed to protect you against loss of income. 


Meets your mortgage payments for one or maybe two years if you are unable to work because of accident, illness or unemployment.
  • Yes, if the cover clearly applies to you - for example, if you are a permanent full-time employee in good health.
  • No, if you have other sources of income to repay the mortgage in the event of illness or unemployment.
  • No, if cover would not apply to you, which is possible if you are a contract worker, part-timer, self-employed or
  • have existing health problems.
  • No, if you already have enough cover (perhaps through income protection insurance or your employer).

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